Excision Tattoo Removal Technique

Excision tattoo removal is exactly what it sounds like. A surgeon will remove the un-wanted tattoo by physically cutting it out of the skin, and then sutures are used to seal up the skin afterward.

Using excision, requires the tattoo to be relatively small. Due to the nature of the procedure, removing a large area of skin is difficult. To much loss of skin could lead to the need for skin grafting.

What to Expect

The tattoo removal will begin with an injection of local anesthetic, too numb the area where the tattoo will be removed. When the freezing or anesthetic has numbed the skin effectively, the doctor will begin the excision tattoo removal process.

When the doctor removes the tattoo, they will remove both the first and second layers of skin (this is referred to as “full thickness” removal). After the tattoo is removed, the doctor will then stitch it up using sutures.

Is it Safe?

Since the procedure should only be done by a professional, it is quite safe. Some scarring should be expected. Aseptic techniques should be maintained during the healing process, to prevent infection.