Tattoo Fade Creams: An In-Expensive Method to Remove Tattoos.

A Relatively Easy Method of Tattoo Removal that can be Done at Home.

Referred to as tattoo fade creams or erase creams. It seems regardless of the term used, these tattoo fade creams are one of the most controversial tattoo removal methods available.

Generally, tattoo fade creams involve a series of topical lotions, creams, or solutions that are applied on the skin to make the unwanted tattoo disappear.

Tattoo fade creams often contain skin lighteners and exfoliating agents to fade tattoo ink from the skin’s surface. With repeated applications of the tattoo fading creams, tattoos gradually lighten as the body’s natural cellular turnover process speeds up.

Overtime the application of tattoo fading creams disturbs the underlying skin cells containing tattoo ink pigments. As these ink cells are disturbed, they break apart into smaller particles. Then these small ink particles start to rise up to the skin’s surface, which lightens the appearance of the un-wanted tattoo.
When using a tattoo fade cream, it is more about trial and error, consistent use, and patience than immediate results.

Tattoo fade creams are relatively inexpensive, at home methods of removing unwanted tattoos with limited risks compared to other tattoo removal techniques.

Tattoo removal is not an overnight process. Many applications and time is required for the tattoo to fade. However, tattoo fade away methods are perhaps the least painful, and inexpensive means of removing an unwanted tattoo.

Some of the More Popular Fade Creams.

Wrecking Balm